Welcome Home

Rock Creek, Inc. has a staff of ten employees, including a Community Manager, Office Manager, On Site Manager, two team leaders, and five more field employees. We work at the direction of the Board of Directors and the community has been fortunate to have three employees that have been with Rock Creek, over 25 years. If you have issues of concern, comments, suggestions, or some kind words regarding the Common Areas or your neighbors, please bring them to the attention of the Office at 954 435-1727 or email us. (CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US)

We thank you for your consideration and support as both your volunteer Board of Directors and staff work very hard to maintain the appearance and vitality of the community.


President           Steve Mason          (954) 430-1968
Vice President  Vicki Minnaugh    (954) 431-6965
Secretary           Stan Neumann      (954) 432-9066
Treasurer          Wayne Canner      (954) 437-3195
Director             John Heggy           (954) 242-7386
Director             Ron Choron          (954) 435-8147
Director             Robert Levine      (248) 249-3189